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Solar PV panels are now so cost effective, solar subsidies are no longer available for new systems.  This poses a problem for rooftop solar PV, as up to 70% of the power generated is given away to the grid, making rooftop solar less cost effective. The solar heat pump solves this issue by converting this resource into heating, cooling and hot water. The surplus power can even be used to harvest summer heat and store it for winter heating. Only the surplus generation is used, so the solar power used in the home is unaffected.

Hybridise is developing the Solar Heat Pump - a combined air and ground source unit that efficiently converts the surplus solar generation into heat that is stored for the winter.  This is achieved by using surplus energy to pump air source heat into a compact matrix of water pipes in the ground. Since the excess solar generation coincides with warmer weather, this results in a very high CoP and a high storage efficiency. The result is an 80% reduction on the heating bill and CO2 emissions. Summer cooling comes as a free byproduct of this energy storage and the winter heating load on the power grid is also greatly reduced.

The combination of heat source flexibility and ground thermal charging allows the ground loop to be installed as a series of short loops, using a pneumatic mole. This greatly brings down the cost and disruption of installing the ground coupling and is an essential part of making renewable heat affordable, practical and viable without subsidies.

The Solar Heat Pump (SHP) is also an ideal partner for solar PV-T hybrid panels. The thermal output from the panels is stored alongside the PV generated heat. This removes the size restriction on  PV-T collectors and allows a greater solar heat output for larger premises. The SHP is off-grid capable, but can also use low cost surplus wind power from the grid, using 'spot priced' electricity. This unparalleled versatility places it at the hub of an integrated renewable energy system.

Hybridise is currently seeking a partner and licencee to develop the solar heat pump from proof of concept to a market ready renewable energy unit, fit for the 21st century. The solar heat pump concept is patent pending.

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